Effective Acquisition Integration —
The Key to Enhancing Business Value.
The Corporate Development Group provides strategic advisory and business development services to corporations, governmental and not-for-profit entities.
Corporate Development Group
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Our team is a group of proven deal and integration investment experts with decades of experience in executing acquisitions, carve-outs and divestitures.
We bring a broad range of backgrounds and capabilities, to enable the newly combined entity to succeed. All aspects are covered, including: preliminary integration requirements; team development of integration objectives, detailed action plans and schedules; cultural assessment; process integration planning; organizational assessment and recommendations; operational and business development alignment; as well as other deal-specific needs.

Acquisitions are risky undertakings. Research indicates rate of failure in acquisitions exceeds 50% and is as high as 80 – 90%*.   The high failure rate of acquisitions is chiefly a result of ineffective integrations. Management capacity, coupled with limited expertise in business combinations, are challenges to creating value from inorganic pursuits.  Merging two entities is typically not  a core strength of the organizations involved in the merger.   The primary causes for ineffective integrations can be traced to a failure to initiate planning early enough in the due diligence process, poorly defined goals, and lacking a sufficiently thorough tactical execution plan that involves all aspects of the business: organization/structure, market understanding, systems and processes/culture.   The result: an underperforming business that drags overall financial metrics down and – importantly – commands a disproportionate amount of time and energy of the senior team, frequently in the form of fire-fighting or crisis management.

*Source—Study by Habir Singh, The Wharton School and Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School.

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